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US presidential election 2024: why Taylor Swift worries Donald Trump supporters

Donald Trump's entourage fears that singer Taylor Swift and her companion, at the height of their fame, will support Joe Biden. And they see with anguish the arrival of February 11, the date of the Super Bowl final, the biggest television event of the year across the Atlantic, where the couple has arranged to meet.

Taylor Swift delighted millions of Americans on Sunday, January 28, when she went down to the pitch at the Baltimore stadium to kiss her darling Travis Kelce. The bearded receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs had just propelled his team to the final of the NFL championship, the professional American football league.

On February 11, in Las Vegas, the Chiefs will play their sixth Super Bowl, the fourth since 2019, against the San Francisco 49ers. The global pop star — 29 billion streams on Spotify in 2023 — has promised to attend the sporting event of the year. To join her champion, the defending champion, she will skip her mega world tour and return home from Japan.

Assailed by conservative channel Fox News

All the spotlight will then be on the most glamorous couple of the moment. And this gives fear to those around Donald Trump. Since the start of the week, the former President's zealots, seeking revenge on Joe Biden in the November 5 presidential election, have been firing on all cylinders. Don't get involved in politics, Jeanine Pirro, one of the star hosts of Fox News, said on air on Monday. Sean Hannity, another top conservative and Trump confidant, suggested he think twice.

This is because in 2020, Swift had thrown her already considerable weight behind Joe Biden, born like her – but 47 years earlier – in Pennsylvania. Last September, registrations of new voters more than doubled after the singer with 279 million followers on Instagram launched a call to do so on the platform. Kelce stood out during Covid by resolutely committing to vaccination.

Swift and Kelce accused of being agents on mission

Above all, Trump fears that the couple – who never say a word – will invest in the campaign, which is what Democratic strategists dream of. Because they can move voters: football and country music – from which the singer-songwriter comes straight – particularly resonate with the popular electorate, who have united behind the populist billionaire.

So much so that Jesse Waters, yet another Fox host never behind on a plot, insinuated that Swift and Kelce are government and Pfizer agents engaged in psychological warfare, and that their romance is a fabrication of the Democratic Party .

Thursday, April 18, 2024


Defend your own interests

In 2014, Taylor Swift removed her songs from Spotify to protest the almost non-existent remuneration of artists on the platform. Ten years later, she won her fight and is the most listened to artist on Spotify.

It just goes to show that it’s not by letting yourself eat the wool off your back that you build your fortune. Online music streaming services had immense power over the music industry, but Taylor certainly wasn't going to wait for his due.


What would Taylor Swift do in your place? She would openly discuss her salary and working conditions with her colleagues, so that they can give themselves the means to defend their rights if necessary. She would also not hesitate to speak with her managers if something did not suit her or did not respect her collective agreement.

Vulnerability (assumed) pays off

Taylor doesn't have Whitney Houston's voice and she dances about as well as me. Her strength is rather in being an outstanding melodist and transforming her moods into powerful song lyrics, which give everyone the impression of being the heroes of a romantic comedy. Casually, she’s a unique talent and Taylor Swift knows how to sell herself as “the singer-songwriter we can relate to”.

Yes Madam! Tay-tay has a completely jet-set social life, and yet she goes through the same heartaches as us. Like us, she sometimes cries in bed, hates her ex and feels inadequate.

What would Taylor Swift do in your place? She would fully embrace her emotions at work while kindly replacing anyone who labels her as an emotional woman. She would also show empathy towards her colleagues, would know the power of humor at work and would not hesitate to use it.

And privilege… it helps

You'll tell me that if there's anything that helps you become a #girlboss, it's being born on an idyllic Christmas tree farm, with a father who has the means to invest in our first record label and a mother who can dedicate herself full-time to supporting our dream career. Being thin, blonde with blue eyes and perfectly matching American beauty standards can't hurt either.


The best lesson to learn from the way Taylor Swift conducts her career is that the best place to invest all our energy and our rage to win is, in a very selfish way, in ourselves.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024



Probably helped by her privileged childhood, surrounded by her devoted parents (I'll come back to that), Taylor Swift has developed a self-confidence that is disturbing and... which we should all draw inspiration from!

From her pre-adolescence, she knocked on the doors of record companies, she took to all the stages and composed her own songs. The idea of waiting to perfect his art before starting out, or that of giving up after a refusal, does not seem to have crossed his mind.

It’s an attitude that many people find difficult to adopt for themselves (and to appreciate without cringing in others!) and yet, self-esteem always pays off. If, as a child, you ever sang in your room, with the window open, hoping that the head of Universal records would pass by by chance, be captivated by your talent and come ring your parents' doorbell to get you to sign a management contract , Do you see what I'm talking about.


What would Taylor Swift do in your place? Taylor would apply for this position that appeals to her, even if she does not have all the required qualifications. And after getting the job, she would dare to negotiate a raise – because she deserves it. Are we refusing it to him? She would consider new professional opportunities in an environment that recognizes the value of her work.

Social networks: the crux of the matter

You could say that Taylor Swift got lucky, timing-wise. Myspace, then Tumblr, appeared exactly when she needed them. She was lucky, of course, but she also sensed from the start the great opportunity that social networks offered, even before we understood where it was all going.

In her early days, she spent hours online every day responding to every post and comment. She made each admirer feel like she was their friend and sharing their vulnerability. Little by little, she opened accounts on all platforms and did not lack creativity to establish her presence on the web.

While avoiding talking about her private life in interviews, she hid clues about her networks and the covers of her albums, arousing the curiosity of Internet users. Genius. By establishing direct communication between herself and her customers, she has created an audience with unfailing loyalty.

What would Taylor Swift do in your place? She would maintain connections with her former colleagues and classmates on social media (just the less heavy ones), where she would also talk about her career progression and projects. She would keep her LinkedIn account up to date with her latest accomplishments and interact with the companies and professionals that interest her. In short, yes, “flexing” online is “cringe”, but you may be one step away from the opportunity of your dreams.

(to be continued)


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

No Allergy Popstar… How Taylor Swift became a global icon

Thanks to a keen sense of timing and artistic transformation, the 34-year-old American singer has established herself as one of the biggest musical stars of the last twenty years. From country to pop, from indie folk to slick business, its growing popularity owes nothing to chance.

It’s a snowball that never stops growing. Taylor Swift ended 2023 as the biggest music star in the world, named Person Of The Year by Time magazine, and the most streamed artist of the year on Spotify streaming platforms. and Apple Music, having broken the historic record for the number of number one albums sold by a singer... The native of Reading, Pennsylvania, becomes at 34 the juggernaut she always wanted to be, after twenty years of career and of gradual ascension.

A revenge for the one who had difficulty overcoming her image as a purely American superstar and who found many pitfalls on her path. Thanks to a formidable sense of timing and, all the same, a talent for writing songs, here she is attacking the year 2024 with a new costume built to last.

Massive and sincere support from the public

Such success cannot be built from scratch. To remain so high for so long, massive and sincere support from the public is necessary, because promotion, radio hype and presence on social networks can hardly compensate for artistic failure.

Its first asset is therefore its songs. Then, it's her ability to change gear quickly, to be able to identify what aesthetic is requested by the public, as when she abandoned her early country with the album Red, released in 2012, to embrace less divisive pop. . In doing so, she gradually put aside her image as the darling of conservative white America to expand her territory, confirming this shift with the following album, 1989, released in 2014.

For years, she navigated between the need to satisfy her less progressive base, while making herself a generational icon, in fact walling herself in a political silence which served her commercially. After being reluctant to condemn Donald Trump in 2016, she decided to call for Democratic votes in 2018 in the midterm elections. There, his audience exploded.

Control everything

Taylor Swift is a singer, of course, but also a businesswoman. She knows how to capture the times, she understood that the overflow of danceable electronic music from the early 2010s frustrated a public lacking more pop artists capable of making them dance.

In 2020, during successive confinements, she released two albums almost in quick succession, Folklore and Evermore, more anchored in indie pop and folk sounds, softer, more in line with the global need to dress up the long days spent at home.

Sweep away the humiliations

In 2023, Taylor Swift has struck a very big blow. She, who had lost part of the rights to two of her old albums, simply re-recorded them identically, legally re-appropriating their content and at the same time putting the spotlight back on her back catalog. An extremely clever and lucrative strategy which has considerably increased its listening scores.

Monday, April 15, 2024

WATCH MASTERS PORTRAIT : Taylor Swift - “America’s little girl” who became a worldwide star (III)

 this is a follow-up of a previous post

In 2020, she committed to Joe Biden, without however participating in his campaign events. She also posted various messages to call for a vote. These prompted thousands of registrations on the electoral lists. Michael Francis Taylor, author of the book Taylor Swift: The Life, Loves and Music of a Global Sensation, published by New Haven Publishing, considers it “possible” that it will influence the 2024 presidential election.

Taylor Swift has also shown herself to be committed to gender equality, demanding better justice for women victims of sexual violence. In 2017, she obtained the conviction of a DJ who had sexually assaulted her. "I'm sorry to everyone who wasn't believed, because I don't know what would have happened to me if people hadn't believed my story when I revealed what happened to me." , she says during a concert in 2018.

A real business woman

But whether for his music or his image, his success also (and above all?) owes to his business and marketing acumen. As her biographer, Michael Francis Taylor, explains: “She runs everything she does and she has a marketing genius unparalleled in the music industry. » “She owns her titles and controls her songs from writing to production and marketing. She controls the entire chain, which is very rare,” adds Gaël Sanquer of NRJ.

A unique situation which allows her to go to war with entertainment giants such as Spotify (which she boycotted for years deploring remuneration considered too low for artists), Apple Music or Ticketmaster (she said she was "out of control"). her” concerning the failures of the platform to sell tickets for her concerts).

In 2019, she entered into conflict with her ex-producer, Scooter Braun, denouncing his “tyrannical control”. Since then, Taylor Swift has had her first albums re-recorded, in order to recover the rights. A “Taylor’s Version” notice is added to the titles she has republished. Three years earlier, she was already ironic by answering “have a good lawyer” to the question asked by Vogue “what advice would you give to someone wanting to become a singer?” ".

An omnipresent control, observed by the head of NRJ Gaël Sanquer on the occasion of his upcoming tour in France in May and June 2024. While the radio launched a competition in February to offer tickets for the Parisian concerts of the star, “Taylor Swift's team wanted to validate everything, from the poster campaigns to the comments made on the air to announce the competition, to the word,” he says. “It was unprecedented to see such a level of control. »

His Eras tour, which has already gone down in history as one of the most lucrative ever, is no exception to the rule. Months of rehearsals took place and everything was fine-tuned. Taylor Swift even produced a film about this tour which will be broadcast around the world at the end of 2023.

A feature film that became the highest-grossing concert film of all time and broke Justin Bieber's record. One again.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

WATCH MASTERS PORTRAIT : Taylor Swift - “America’s little girl” who became a worldwide star (II)

 this is a lollow-up of a previous post

A strong bond with his fans

The latter formed themselves into a true community. They call themselves the Swifties. “It’s a very big and very caring community,” says Sandra, herself a Swiftie, who for example sends Christmas cards to other fans with whom she communicates on Instagram. “Friendship bracelets” are an example of these exchanges between “Swifties”. Mentioned in a Taylor Swift song in 2022, they have become a symbol of fans who give them to each other during the star's concerts.

While her media appearances have become rarer, Taylor Swift has built a whole strategy to appear close to her fans, going as far as sending Christmas gifts to admirers, for example, or going to a store with customers shopping. buy his album.

She uses Instagram a lot, where she is followed by 280 million people, making her one of the most followed artists on the platform. Photos of her cats, of her birthday… She appears as a “girl next door”, that is to say the one who could be your neighbor. Far from the superstar that she is, however. Taylor Swift is also very present on Twitter, where she comments and likes certain posts from her fans. Enough to maintain their loyalty despite the artist's changes in musical registers.

A musical shift

Between the artist's first album and his latest songs, the difference is obvious. In 2008, Taylor Swift released her second album, and still mixes pop and country sounds. The song Love Story, the album's main single, has already established itself as one of its main international hits.

Country is still at the center of his music, with a banjo omnipresent throughout the song. She won an MTV award the following year and became the first country artist to receive an award at this ceremony. However, we especially remember Kanye West, who cut her off in the middle of her speech to say that Beyoncé “made one of the best music videos of all time”.

But little by little, over the course of the albums, country fades to give way to pop. The transition took place in 2012, with his album RED, and was confirmed in 2014, with his fifth album, 1989. The pop title Shake it off, whose clip has been seen more than 3 billion times on YouTube, became a planetary tube.

This winning pop turn allowed him to establish himself internationally, and particularly in Europe. “Taylor Swift already had a lot of success in the United States in the country register. But this genre is not at all suited to France or Europe. She had a fierce desire to conquer this international audience, hence this musical shift from country to pop music,” rewinds Gaël Sanquer, from NRJ, when the radio began to broadcast it in 2012.

From “little girl of America” to committed artist

Another shift beyond his music, that of his image. For a long time, Taylor Swift was perceived as “America’s little girl”. A smooth image of a good girl that has stuck to her for a long time, she who has been widely criticized for her love life and her multiple boyfriends. “I became the person everyone wanted me to be,” she confides during the documentary Miss Americana, broadcast on Netflix.

“I’m just a 22-year-old singer. People don’t want to know my political opinions, they just want to hear me sing about breakups and feelings,” she said when the media asked her about her political opinions.

Until she decided to break this image and get involved in politics. In 2018, she posted a long message on Instagram, where she committed to LGBT+ rights and where she supported the Democratic candidates in her state for the midterm elections. A hard blow for the Republicans who made him a symbol of conservative America, country music being a traditionally conservative environment.

(to be continued

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WATCH MASTERS PORTRAIT : Taylor Swift - “America’s little girl” who became a worldwide star (I)

Successes across the world, concerts that break all records... American singer Taylor Swift, from a country background, has become a music legend in just a few years. An ascent due in particular to his artistic sense and impeccable mastery of his career. Discover the first episode of our series dedicated to Taylor Swift.

You only have to align a few numbers to realize the status of music icon obtained by Taylor Swift in the United States and around the world. Four Grammy awards for the best album of the year (a record which places her ahead of Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon or Stevie Wonder), a fortune estimated at 1.1 billion dollars according to Forbes (one of "the rare artists to achieving this status solely through music and stage"), a place at the top of the American charts for 68 consecutive weeks (beating Elvis Presley's record)… The list could go on for a long time.

The woman who was named Personality of the Year 2023 by the prestigious Time magazine is a unique artist in the United States, thanks to a career that owes nothing to chance.

A “very authentic” artist

From her first album, released in 2006 and simply titled Taylor Swift, the singer, barely 16 years old, rose to the rank of young American country star. The album was written in high school by Taylor Swift. Nothing surprising for the one who learned the guitar at 10 years old and who, even as a child, “was singing all the time”, as her father, a financial advisor, told UDaily. At school, as she later explained in several interviews, Taylor Swift was ostracized by her classmates and took refuge in writing songs.

The teenager, who was born in 1989 in Pennsylvania, auditioned in New York to play in Broadway musicals, but without success. At age 13, she moved with her family near Nashville, the country capital, where her parents hoped she could be successful. A successful bet since she signed her first contract as an author and composer with Sony/ATV Tree Music Publishing, becoming the youngest artist to sign on this label. Already a first record.

Her first album contains one of the recipes that will make Taylor Swift successful throughout her career: it addresses her intimate thoughts and her romantic relationships, from happiness to betrayals. A common thread that allows its fans to find themselves in these universal stories.

“Since the beginning, I have identified with the songs she writes,” explains Sandra, a fan of the artist, born the same year and the same month as Taylor Swift and therefore aged, like the singer, 34 years old. “I feel like I’ve grown and evolved with her. These words mean a lot to me. She excels at sharing her personal experience with millions of people,” says the woman who has an Instagram account dedicated to her favorite singer and began following Taylor Swift in 2009. “There is a very authentic side. Her songs are almost a diary that takes people with her,” also underlines Gaël Sanquer, deputy director of musical media for the NRJ group.

A proximity supported by the storytelling talents of Taylor Swift. “I write all my songs,” the artist confirmed on Twitter in 2022. She also composes most of them and plays many instruments (drums, piano, banjo, etc.). “When I have an idea, I record a voice memo singing the melody, or I write the lyrics in the notes on my cell phone,” she detailed in 2016 in an interview for Vogue. Enough to add to this authentic side, appreciated by his fans.

(to be continued)

Friday, April 12, 2024

How Taylor Swift rules her career with an iron fist

Far from being afraid of Friday the 13th, Taylor Swift has made her favorite number a marketing argument. Born on December 13, the American singer could only choose this date to offer her fans an experience like no other. 

That of a concert lasting almost 3 hours to experience like in a stadium, but in a cinema. The Eras Tour Film will be broadcast in 90 countries including France while this record-breaking tour, which could rake in a billion dollars, will only arrive in Europe next spring with six performances in France.

Stronger than Tom Cruise at the box office

In the United States and Canada, demand was such that the film's release was brought forward by a day. The announcement was made by the star in person after a preview which was even attended by Beyoncé. With more than $100 million raised in pre-sales, The Eras Tour is already the highest-grossing concert film in history. A successful feat also thanks to a higher price than a usual cinema ticket. 19.89 dollars for adults, 13.13 dollars for children and seniors, which the Swifties harmed by the Ticketmaster bug did not hesitate to pay when the ticket office opened.

Variety predicts that Taylor Swift should enter the top 10 box office of the year across the Atlantic, doing better than Mission: Impossible 7 with Tom Cruise, Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford and Fast X with Vin Diesel. Some films, including the new romantic comedy by and with Meg Ryan, have changed their release dates to avoid facing it in theaters. 

The American publication even describes the 33-year-old as the "savior" of an industry deprived of its autumn blockbusters like Dune 2, postponed due to the strike in Hollywood. “Ticket sales rival those of a major film. This is an unexpected boost in revenue that we need,” comments the owner of a cinema chain.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Question of rights at stake: Standoff between Taylor Swift and her former record company (II)

After several years of fighting against his record company Warner Bros, of which he called himself the “slave”, he was finally freed from his contract in 1996.

“If you don't control your masters, they control you,” he told Rolling Stone magazine in 1996.

In many contracts, the producer is designated as the owner of the masters, in return for taking financial risk.

As in the case of Taylor Swift, who made her first commitment at 15 when she was unknown, the balance of power at the time of signing the contract is often favorable to the record company.

Some artists have nevertheless obtained control of their recordings, notably Rihanna, U2 or Jay-Z, often by buying them back at a high price once they have become famous.

Some young artists have also achieved this more recently, including rapper XXXTentacion, murdered in 2018.

“Signing and keeping the biggest artists in the world, or even a newcomer that the record companies are snapping up, has become much more expensive,” says Larry Miller, director of the music economics program at the New York University (NYU).

“Some houses are sometimes ready to do things contrary to the way their economic model works,” according to him.

The record companies nonetheless retain overall control, thanks to their ability to “make” a star.

If producing music is now accessible to everyone, recognizes Larry Miller, “there is a big difference between being a talent to be discovered and having an army of people working to make you the greatest artist.”

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Taylor Swift fake straight? An article causes controversy in the United States

A press article speculating on Taylor Swift's sexual orientation has sparked a stir on social media, with many internet users calling for it to be removed.

The column in question, comprising approximately 5,000 words and published Sunday in the "opinion" pages of the New York Times, puts forward the hypothesis that the American pop superstar identifies in a veiled way as a member of the LGBTQ community, while publicly affirming to be heterosexual.

Asked by AFP, neither the New York daily nor the agents of the 34-year-old artist, Time magazine's 2023 personality of the year, responded.

The controversial article is "intrusive, inaccurate and inappropriate", however, commented anonymously a person from Taylor Swift's entourage, quoted by the CNN channel.

Many readers also reacted by criticizing the New York Times, rejecting the idea that the American youth idol could be a lesbian who had not yet come out.

The author of the text, Anna Marks, draws up a long list of acts performed by Taylor Swift intended to suggest that she is "queer".

The addition of all these facts “suggests to queer people that she is one of them,” says the journalist.

Anna Marks cites the example of Chely Wright, an American country music singer, who confided that she had to wait years before "coming out of the closet", for personal reasons directly linked to her career.

Taylor Swift, adored by legions of fans - the "Swifties" - openly campaigns for LGBTQ rights, without ever having identified herself as "queer".

On the contrary, over the years, we have had romantic relationships with various male celebrities, who have been the delights of the celebrity pages of magazines.

The singer of “Shake It Off”, “Anti-Hero” and “You Need To Calm Down”, whose career began in Nashville, the cradle of country music, has been appearing for several months with the American football player from the Chiefs from Kansas City, Travis Kelce.

She, who is now seen as a feminist icon, has also shaken the music industry with a phenomenally successful tour.